Couture Covers

The luxury option - books jacketed in traditional book binding materials in a wide range of colours and textures. These jackets can be plain or with hand embossed titles (in any colour including black, gold and silver); titles can match book inside (curated library use) or be unrelated (decorative and display purposes only). 

Click on image to see thumbnails for the full range of available covers.

Couture covered books are priced individually and cost (titled) between £27 and £30 per book and (untitled) between £15 and £18 per book. Cost variations depend upon the size of individual books. Couture Covers are produced on a bespoke basis and there is no minimum order.

If books are required for library use (jacket spine titles to match books) we will procure the requested books, which will be an additional charge at publishers' retail prices.

There is no additional charge for books supplied with Couture Covers for decorative or display purposes only. Spine titles on decorative and display books can be provided (or can be requested provided titles are out of copyright).

Customers' own books can be covered in Couture Covers (VAT at the standard rate will be charged on jackets supplied).

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We can supply books in almost any colour or work from your custom design.

Call us 020 7351 3070 or email us at info@booksbymetre.com