Welcome to our first blog for our new venture, Books by Metre. We are enormously excited to be launching this new service and which we believe to be unique in the UK. Filling shelves with books has, historically, been quite difficult and the limited options available (many of which involve fake books or other pretence) have, understandably, not provided a solution in keeping with the creativity, sophistication and care which goes into interior design. Our supply of bound books (available from our sister website, Prometheus Bound Books) have brought us into contact with many customers looking for shelves of books for interior design or display purposes and our Couture Covers range has been very popular as a way of meeting that demand. We therefore thought that we should offer a much wider range of covered books at affordable prices to allow for pretty much every scheme – whether it be just to fill shelves or to create a stunning, visual, feature.

On this site you will find numerous styles and colours of covers ranging from contemporary, traditional, vintage and also sets of books which, together, create a picture or image which we hope will enhance your interior. Our books are priced by the half metre to give you the opportunity to mix colours and designs should you wish; experience has shown us that schemes can come alive if, for example, plain covers are interspersed with titled ones or complementary colours are used together to create a blended look.

We are always happy to work with your own designs, logo, brand identity and photographs; we are certain we can bring your own ideas to life if you cannot find what you are looking for within our products and our creative team is here to help you realize your dream.

All of our covers come with hard back books of uniform size but we do understand that you may have spaces of differing sizes and want larger, smaller, fatter or thinner books to fill your spaces. We can always provide a tailored, bespoke solution so do please contact us if our standard products aren’t exactly what you want.

We hope you like what we have done with this new concept and very much look forward to working with you.